Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Student Council presidents bared

After days of campaigns and preparations for this year's student council election, all colleges have now produced new set of student leaders for this school year. The election gathered thousands of votes from more than 9,000 Lyceans who trooped to Mabini Hall last July 10-11 and cast their favorites. Tight competition is how to describe the battle between 2 dominating parties, the Kalayaan and Independiente Party. In the end, the latter one produced the most elected officers.

Here is the list of new student council presidents of each colleges:

  1. International Hospitality and Management- Deanne Mantes
  2. Business Administration- Jade Jumarang
  3. Nursing- Ma. Lyzl Tabora
  4. Arts and Sciences- Patricio Dawn
  5. Engineering- Rosemin Silva
  6. Computer Studies- Tessa Laiza Bolor
  7. International Relations- Glady Brojan
The elected presidents will then meet one another and will vote one person who will then become the President of the Lycean Student Government for this year.

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