Sunday, October 19, 2008

From lyceanmanila to!

Change is the only permanent thing in this world.

And like anything else, we will be shifting a major change in this blog!
From Lyceanmanila, the blog will now be known as!!
The new blog will feature the most wanted, most requested and certified pinoy information we can be proud of.

This blog will feature anything about Pinoy, our country, our strengths,and of course, the best things we have. This blog will surely be a very useful source for people-students, researchers, professionals, web surfers, academicians, and those from different walks of life- to learn more about Philippines.
This blog is a product of an inspiration from a Thai blogger named Pisanu who is the main creator of one of the most beautiful blogs ever- BISEAN, a blog that features ASEAN life. On the other hand, allaboutpinoy will feature Philippine’s best, and surely, worst as well.

The blogger encourages everyone to share thoughts for the progress and improvement of this blog. The blogger wramly welcomes every comments, suggestions, criticisms etc.

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